One thing is certain, when you put everything in God’s hand, GREATER things will happen.

I believe that even before the campference starts He was already working. Things have not been easy and smooth but God just held us, comforted us and provided for us all through out. Indeed all things are possible with God. I am super amazed how everything worked out. I never thought that it would go that way. Truly that instead of worrying just pray about everything.


I actually can’t thank God enough for what He has done with the campference. This is His ways, His almighty ways, His thoughts, His almighty thoughts. Having 102 people getting involved in this is such a great thing. Having 70 plus young people being taken higher with their dreams, deeper with their relationship with God, and wider in winning souls and making disciples is all worth it.


Surely this won’t be possible without those people whom God used.

To the 70 delegates who were always excited and had deepest desire to be taken to the next level before the year ends. I am amazed How God worked in each one before, during, and after the campference.


To the facilitators who fully understood the meaning of volunteerism from the very start until the end of the campference, I am sure it was pretty tiring, tiring I mean physically and mentally but you guys have just practiced Luke 9:23, and that is indeed what God requires to be His disciple. From the bottom of my hypothalamus, I super thank you! I may not be able to return your efforts and all, I am sure God will. He has seen your very efforts definitely.

What a nice capture!!!

To the 11 American missionaries ( Mark, Tyler, Sam, Jason, Caleb, Kyle, Nick, Isaac, Lincoln, Elijah, and Silas ) I send my gratitude for your solid supports during the campference, you guys are an encouragement to us. We are honored and privileged. I am actually praying that it won’t be the last time you guys would be involved but I would rather leave it to God. He knows what is best.


To the speakers ( Rev. Josefino Jorquia Jr., Rev. Leo Lituania, and Ptra. Amy Lituania ) thank you so much. Having you guys with us just strengthened us. Just seeing your presence during the campference was kind of enough reason for us to believe that we were not alone, that we are all in this together.


To the sponsors ( churchmates, classmates, and friends ) I can boldly say that you have taken the very integral part on this campference to make it happen. Your prayer and financial support will never be forgotten. I would like to thank you and report you that through your supports; there were 70 young people who have been taken higher, deeper, and wider. Knowing that these young people have decided to take that next step is also knowing that there will be more young people who will be brought at the feet of Jesus the next time. I pray that we still have your support for the next Youth Campference.


Above all I give the highest, deepest, and widest thankfulness to our great God, for making all of these things possible. Without Him no GREATER things will happen.

All glory to God alone!


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