How can I forget this one? How can I leave this not shared? How can I keep this paradise within me? I guess I should have made up my mind even before. I guess I should have thought that this one is something that must be extended to our fellow hikers and travelers.

It was seven months already when I did this hike but up until now I still cannot forget how nice and beautiful the place is. I did day hike with some people who I have just met that day. The trail is for a beginner so it’s not that hard to hike. It is a long hike though. We arrived at the registration around five o’clock in the morning, stayed a bit for preparation, prayed as a group, and then had some orientation. While at the registration I discovered that even early in the morning there are lots of people already setting up for the hike. The registration actually told us that the minimum of hikers who go there every day is five hundred. That is just a lot and because it is a big number of people it gets crowded sometimes, but manageable. The concern only is if you want to climb up the monolith, you guys really need to start hiking super early. And the monolith is a highly recommended to mount up because if you don’t you will miss a half fulfillment of the hike . It would be like missing to eat the icing on a cake.

Pico’s Monolith

Here is an Itinerary that you can follow when you plan hiking Mt. Pico

3:30 AM Meet-up at somewhere in Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1000
4:00 AM Departure for Cavite
6:00 AM Arrive at base of Mountain / Orientation / Eat Bfast Snacks 50
6:30 AM Start of Trek. Hike. Hike. Hike.Hike.Hike
9:30 AM Arrive at Summit
10:00 AM Climb the Monolith
11:00 AM Eat Lunch 50
12:00nn Start Descent
3:00 PM Back at base of Mountain / Wash-up 10
4:00 PM Departure for Manila
7:30 PM Back in Ortigas Center
1k inclusion: Trans Fee back and forth , Bag Tag, Guide Fee  Total Budget P1110.00

You might be wondering why I started paying 1000 right away, it is because I just joined in a group of hikers. But if you can and if you really want to do your own budgeting and travel solo that is your preference.

Here are some photos you can take a look to spice you up before travelling/hiking. 🙂

This hike also has an amazing side trip.

Cavite de Boracay



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