Change The Way You See Adventure

I was born in a home to two of the most famous events in the Philippine history.First, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of World War II that happened at 23-26 October of 1944 between combined US and Australian forces and the Imperial Japanese Navy. Second, a promise that involves Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Red Beach in Palo – a site known more for its history than its shoreline.

Having said that many people usually visit my hometown and growing up I would always dream of having my own adventure in different places not just in Philippines but also outside the country. It thrills me whenever there’s an opportunity to pack my bags and set myself for an adventure. For me it just feels like disconnecting from reality and enjoying the moment that you are in a journey where you meet new faces, new challenges, and new cultures.

I strongly believe that a lot of people will agree to me if I say that adventure is something that is really fun to do. Adventure is what some people seek. Mostly those people who have a routine way of doing things. I can absolutely testify to it because I have had “been there done that” kind of thing.

Where I woke up, got stranded in a traffic jam, went to the office, clocked out, got stranded on a traffic jam on my way home, slept and I woke up, got stranded in a traffic jam, went to the office, clocked out, got stranded on a traffic jam on my way home, slept and again and again. No wonder why these guys are so desperate to jump in a new adventure! While it’s challenging to experience something new, it is exciting on the other hand.

However, being able to set to different kind of adventures I came to realized that what makes it more fulfilling when you are in a journey is that you just don’t received by learning their cultures and having some stories to tell to your friends but also you give something I mean you somehow leave some legacy or you somehow provide some help. I believe learning and being able to experience something new is a great thing however to reach these people out, to extend help to a place where you’ve been to is something even greater. It is what I call “adventure you can treasure”. And I can definitely say that this kind of adventure is what makes it worth the venture. (see  MY ADVENTURE WITH AURORAPALAWAN MISSION TRIPWHEN IN CAMBODIA)

Whenever you are set to a new adventure again, always make the most of every opportunity to take good photos  because that’s something that you can go back and reminisce the memories of your different journeys. Before I thought that being able to take plain photo alone is enough to appreciate the things that you have been photographed  but with HUAWEI P9 it will bring you to the next level of photography because this one is the best tool that you can have,  it’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. I guess there is nothing wrong with innovations and I even believe that this is what people should be doing nowadays, like innovating as much as possible.




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