People say “obedience is better than sacrifice” but i say I have experienced both and greater things can happen.

Recently I have been struggling about the things that I need to do. I would always ask God about His plan for me, like what should I be doing next. It’s been four months since I stopped working and that’s after I went to Cambodia.

And because I don’t know what to do yet, I guess the best option at that moment was to pray for it. And for the four months it was clear to me that I need to be still and not rush into things. God was teaching me I believe that waiting is a very vital thing in getting something that will bring you happiness and joy. Although I was very tempted to look for a job during those days, really ,really tempted. My brother would go and ask me about it and would question me about not doing anything and just waiting for some things to drop from heaven and he would say that it won’t happen. I believe that too, but I need to insist those times that God has some plans for me, some thing great in store for me. My brother would still not believe me, my sister did the same thing. What can I expect from siblings who don’t know Jesus personally yet. I understand them.

But God is telling me  not to seek for it because He’ll be the one to provide it and when it’s from Him, it would be a lot easier to take. And it happened!

I woke up one Monday morning having this weird feeling. It was really strange because my mind told me to go to Starbucks to have something to drink. I don’t usually do that. And to think that it is going to Starbucks? Lols! That will really be a funny thing to think about. To make the long story short, I went there and unintentionally met my former student with a friend who owns a company. I asked them if I could sit in with and they said, yes. Little did I know that my student will have his interview at that moment with the guy he was with. After hearing all those, I got interested with the job. I realized  what God told me about waiting and maybe this is it. I remember also my siblings interrogation on me. So I grabbed this one not to prove that what they told me was wrong but to let them know that God’s plan is the right thing to do and the one thing to obey. The next week I found myself being interviewed and it was such a good opportunity. I was absorbed in their company and it excites me more as every day passes by. It inspires me to see the heart that our boss has. Some times in a day he would go to our floor and share his devotion. He is a very down to earth man, very passionate and definitely has a Christ-like character and I believe that Jesus will use him more for the expansion of God’s ministry on earth and I love to be part of it.

My shift here is graveyard and I know that there are lots of things to sacrifice, however these are just hard at first, once I get used to it, it would be lighter to handle. And I would be more than willing to take the sacrifices because I have a motivation, I know that there is a purpose behind all these.

What makes me even more grateful is that with the kind of shift that I have, God is still making it possible for me to attend to my mentoring, to gather my cell group and to be able  to speak in church and handle the youth ministry. I believe work should not be an excuse over God’s ministry because whatever work that He has provided and He will actually provide will be a blessing and not a hindrance to do more for God. Might just be a matter of setting what to prioritize and what things to put first. Don’t get me wrong, I also struggled with this, that is why my point is you really have to sacrifice lots of things.

Forsake things that give you pleasure for a moment and destroys you for a lifetime. Pursue things that have eternal value.

The Bible says that “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” True indeed. However, when obedience and sacrifices are combined, greater things will happen and harvesting some things that you have sown will too. Nothing fulfills me than being able to experience these things for my first two weeks in the company.


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