The Bible says that no man is an island. It is true indeed. No one is created to be alone and lonely. In fact, when God created you and I, words came out from his mouth was “very good”. We all need someone that will support us. We all need a Barnabas in our lives, someone who is always there to encourage us and to fight for us when we are like a tree hit with stones by many.

When I became a Christian nobody taught me except the word of God how to give importance on a relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ most specially with my pastor slash my cell leader. In my Christian life I have experienced people telling negative things about my him. I admit also that sometimes I would think negatively on him but I am convicted by the Holy Spirit and I am reminded that I shouldn’t be doing it. I am hurt every time I hear and remember those. It hits me bulls’ eye. I know he is not perfect; my pastor is a work in progress and a man under construction. I hope and pray that those people would realize that we all are.

Whenever that happens I would always do my best to support, to answer them that there assumptions might be true but they don’t know better than I know him. They don’t know my him personally. They don’t know what he has been through.

To all people out there who have leaders and mentors and who have their pastors as the one shepherding. Your support to him will mean and help a lot whether it is small or big. You should be there to back him up. You should be there to fight back whenever people would try hurting your pastor or cell leader. You should be there standing and answering, “Heart and soul I will be with him.”


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