This is a journey of a teachenary (teacher and missionary by passion) to Cambodia. I have never thought I would actually experience this much. God is indeed faithful and generous. I was so amazed on how He made it possible. First I was so scared going to this country because I dread that I might be offloaded again. But I believe God had moved and prepared all the things beforehand. Everything went really well and it was really, really awesome. I extend my gratitude to Joni and Lauren who were there that time (although I am not sure if they will be able to read thisJ). I might have been messed up if God didn’t provide them during the trip. When we landed to Siem Reap Cambodia Airport I am so thankful that God made it possible although I still faced interrogations I just trusted Him with all of it. I mean I really don’t know what probably the right answer but I would just leave it to Him. At the airport Teacher Rasul and Teacher Ria waited for us and I am glad to see them again. They were my schoolmates in a Bible school and they also came to Cambodia to serve God as a missionary.

We checked in to this hotel and it’s called Garden Hotel. They have a nice room. I talked to Rasul and told me few things about the ministry his handling.

One of the many temples in Siem Reap “Bayon Temple”

The next day we went to Angkor Wat, they said it is on the list of the 8 Wonders of the World. It’s really wonderful. The structures and all those stuffs about those temples amazed me, but I am really wondering why people would do such temple for their religion. I mean I know that’s the sign of their devotion but I just think that it would be better if they know Jesus and instead of making big temples they would create churches where people would worship God and not where people would visit as a tourist. Don’t get me wrong I know I am here for a mission or some kind of ministry but since we landed at Siem Reap International Airport we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit Cambodia’s famous temples.

camb3.png               Those are lotuses on the pond. You can see them when you visit the Angkor Wat temple.

camb4                     Extraordinary carvings seen on the walls of the many temples in Siem Reap

The same day in the afternoon we roamed around Siem Reap Cambodia. We went to the market, coffee shop and park. And at night we had this super heavy dinner which I enjoyed so much. On the side I was worrying about all the expenses because I haven’t contributed any. I can never thank God enough for using people to provide. Thanks to Joni and Lauren. And then we rode on a bus for six hours going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.




 camb6                One of the modes of transportation here in Cambodia is what they called “tuktuk”.

I am staying in a school in RusseyKeo, Phnom Penh. The school is pretty nice and big and I love the kids too. I actually miss my students back in the Philippines because they kind of look like them. They are so cute and wonderful. Basically my mission here is to teach the kids English and share them the gospel through it. I am so excited for what God will do and How God will use me. And so I really need all of your prayers for me.


Prayer Points are;

  1. Students will be responsive to the gospel as I incorporate it through teaching.
  2. God’s provision and protection as I stay here for eight weeks. (I am really in need of financial support so that some activities here like reaching the Khmer by evangelism and kids feeding programs or kids ministry will be met and also because transportation and other stuffs here are quite expensive.)
  3. Wisdom in dealing with people and in understanding them since there is a language barrier.
  4. Family that I left at home. (Biological and Church Family)
  5. Health, weather here is not that different compare to Philippines but it is changing, like one day it is super cold and the other day it gets hot. So basically I need you to pray for me that my body would easily adjust and adapt with it.

I will be writing an update on my blog about this journey in Cambodia. If you want to get an updates feel free to visit (teachenarysjourney.com) and I created a page on facebook (TEACHENARYS JOURNEY). And if you desire to be part of this journey in reaching the Khmer (Cambodian) but you can’t get here for some reasons you can extend help by sending support. Feel free to message me on facebook or email me (sherwinpido@teachenarysjourney.com) I am thanking you in advance and let God be glorified in all this! 🙂









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