Who cannot remember this place? Who cannot have the feeling to go back and enjoy? Who can always say that this haven is where a lot of great things happened in someone’s life, in my life. I’ve been here for almost nine years now and the feeling whenever I come here is always indescribable, is always different. I always say “I’ve never felt this way before”, when I come here.

It was 2007 when I first came and experienced His goodness here. Back when I was a camper, back when I don’t care about some things. Back when I don’t know what’s really the purpose of me staying in this very relaxing place where I can have some time alone, sit under the shade of a mango tree and just forget about hard things in the reality.

207139_10150138700999197_738209196_6184504_4160927_nHere is another side of this view. For my nine years here of going and leaving it’s weird because I still don’t have a picture of me with this view up until now. Maybe when I go back taking picture on this side should be one of my lists.DSC06726.JPGUpon entering the gate you will see these dorms. They’re actually almost all over the place. I can say that these dorms are cozy. It’s pretty cool especially at night when you go to sleep, just don’t forget to open the electric fans and windows. Opening the windows would allow the smell of nature to come in. Inside are  separated public comfort room, shower cubicles, and a big rectangular mirror just like what malls have.  There are lots of triple decks with soft beddings. You can actually choose which deck you want. At least here you get the freedom, because sometimes in our lives we cannot always get what we desire. Sometimes you have to accept that what’s given to you is enough and the best.DSC06727206239_10150138680899197_738209196_6184271_4005618_nThis is the auditorium. I don’t really know how big this is but it can accomodate more than 1,000 people. This is where all the programs are being done. From the orientation to the last session.205397_10150138684004197_738209196_6184316_7467893_n.jpgWhen I was a camper I never really appreciated this moment. This is  a night where a pastor tells so many things about a relationship with Jesus. About how important it is that people’s lives should be surrendered to Him in order to live a meaningful life. And that you only need to accept Him as your Lord and personal Saviour and He will change your life. Remembering myself when I first attended here although I wasn’t liking this night of sermons from somebody who does not know me, who doesn’t know my weaknesses, my pain, my hurdles in life, on the side I want to believe that what he’s saying is true. This is the highlight of my stay.IMG_1918.JPGNow, I am overjoyed whenever I come back and witness again thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus.206461_10150138693574197_738209196_6184429_2544050_nEarly in the morning before the morning session starts, counselors share baptism as the “first step of obedience, and that it cannot save you”. Counselors encourage newly saved to undergo baptism because it is one way that they can show that they really want to obey Jesus.188557_10150138690084197_738209196_6184386_2765127_nBefore you really get to be baptized, you will be screened by answering some questions to know if you really have understood the meaning of baptism.IMG_1961.JPG208393_10150138694804197_738209196_6184441_3243604_n66079_481188222078_550242078_6766508_6404302_nCertainly, stay without games isn’t so much fun. That is why this one is also unforgettable. Just playing and getting to know some people from different parts of the Philippines.  The schedule for games is after the morning session. If ever you come here and you’ll be invited, do not forget to bring extra clothes.

Way back, I never really expected that my stay here for 3 days would be that extraordinary. I got to know more friends and a friend that wouldn’t leave me forever (Jesus).

When the time to say goodbye to Zambales came, it is indeed a sad part. Although there is nothing really good in saying  “goodbye’. That is why I told myself  that I will surely come back to this place. Not a camper but a volunteer.

Now I am helping by spreading the ministry throughout the Philippines and all over the world. And blogging about it is one way. If you want also to volunteer or reach them just go to http://www.globalsurge.org


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  1. Patrick Cube says:

    Been here once, that was last year, I was just invited and encouraged to try the camp. I’ve been to youth camps for a couple of times but this is one of the best (to think that this camp was the shortest :)) now, I wanted my churchmates and other youths in our place to go to the camp but I really don’t know how to. Can you give me any idea? Your response is very much appreciated. God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sherwin Pido says:

      Hi Patrick Cube where is your location? You can go to my about page then reach me through mobile for an easier and faster communication. Excited to hear from you! God bless you more!


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