Okay, so let’s start the adventure by introducing the team. We stayed in the place for a week. We came from different churches, united by the organization Medical Ambassador Philippines (MAP). The head of the team as far as I know is Em “Mayora” Jimena, I call her that way because most of the people in the area know her, and by the way she’s a nurse. We also have another nurse on the team, her name is Cris, she has such an inspiring story, I remember talking with her while we were pulling out…

weeds from the garden beside the MAP Training Center. We got two more nurses (Nurse Alicia and Nurse Tess) who visited us and helped us with the distribution of the medicines. Lawrence is a theater director and I am his assistant. Melvin and Nathan are musicians. Elfreggie and Earl are dancers.

aurora1 (1)
upper left: Lawrence, Nurse Cris, Me, Nurse Em, Nurse Alicia, Nurse Tess, Melvin lower left: Nathan, Elfreggie, Earl



      Travelling is always a fun thing to me and going to Aurora is a very, very short time of travel, well, we just had to take a ride from Cubao, Quezon City on a bus for three hours until we get to the terminal then another bus ride for three hours going to the place where we need to take a ride for an hour on a small boat for us to be really in the location where we are meeting the “Dumagat” tribe to do the activities and programs that we prepared for them. Very short it is, right? Just kidding! I just want to be honest with the time of travel so you won’t be surprised. Kidding aside, I enjoyed the travel nonetheless. You can see it apparently from our faces.


aurora 11

     At last, after a very long time of travel I’ve met my brothers and sisters. Haha! Like seriously when they saw me they were totally staring at me intently. It looks like they’re examining my appearance (the black skin tone that I have). On the side, I am grateful because it can be my way to easily get along with them. Their innocent faces and smiles just capture my heart.



      The next day we are up for all the activities that we have prepared. In the morning we have different workshops like acting, dance, and music workshops. I taught them some strategies in acting. Something that they can use whenever they have role playing in school. And in the afternoon until evening, they come to the training center to have sharing time and jamming. The workshops lasted two days. We also grab every opportunity to share the gospel during workshops and Bible studies. Amazingly they are responsive. It was really such a wonderful opportunity to see them learning and enjoying.


     After a two-day activity and after visiting the community, the kids from there invited us to see the beautiful rivers and falls where they usually take a bath. We walked for about an hour and a half already so we needed to take some rest.


     After a not so long walk, all the tiredness that we had has gone. This is our rest and recreation time. The water is so clear, I’ve actually seen a child getting the water that they’re drinking there. The rest of the story is enjoyable. We were still in the place Sunday, so we went to one of the Christian church there. Mayora shared a message/testimony and also Lawrence and we led the Praise and Worship. It’s encouraging to see a church growing in a very remote area.

    To all who participated on this, whether you prayed or gave, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. You are definitely part of many people who came to know the Lord during this short mission trip.


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